What is UCAS?

UCAS stands for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.  Today, this is an online form, which must be completed in order to apply to any university course provided by a public UK university.  The main sections include:

  • Your details
    • name, contact details,…
  • Your courses
    • you may choose to apply to up to five courses (some conditions apply)
  • Your qualifications
  • Personal statement
    • 4000 characters of text
    • to express your motivation
  • Reference
    • written in English by one of your teachers

The UCAS form can appear overly-complicated.  In fact, it is simply long, with intricate attention to detail.  Since most students only fill out the form once in their lives, it is sensible to sollicite the assistance of somebody who understands each aspect of the requirements.

Certain courses require additional exams.  More details, past papers, and test centre information can be found on our secure area.


When can I apply?

The best time to send your application is between the 6th September and the 15th January for courses beginning the following September, the exception being for Oxford, Cambridge or any Medicine course, which must be sent by the 15th October.  This means you should ideally start working on your application one year before you begin studying!  It is possible to register even earlier, so that you can start filling in your application during the summer.

Of course, this timeline does not suit everyone, especially if you decide to apply later on.  It is therefore possible to send an application through UCAS at any moment of the year, however the later the application, the fewer places that will be available.  Any applications sent after 30th June will go via clearing.  Your adviser will be able to guide you through this process.


Our UCAS A-Z Pack Includes:

  • Management of timeline
  • Thorough review and discussion with you to determine:
    • your current grades/exam results and how these relate to your chosen course
    • your interests, plans, specific needs/ preferences
    • As an outcome of our evaluation, which course(s) to apply for and at which universities
  • Assistance with the structure and style of your personal statement, to maximise its impact and relate it to the subject
  • Guidance in registering and filling out the online form and sending to UCAS
  • Follow-up point of contact and ongoing support post-application right up to the end of clearing
  • Interview advice and point of contact for any issues/ queries arising
  • Additional exams/ forms advice and documentation (past papers for exams provided with local exam centre info and dates)
  • Assistance given for filling in additional forms required by certain universities

In addition:

  • Assistance may be offered to your referee, in order to explain the correct format for the reference and/or offer a translation service if your referee is not anglophone.

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